Hard Data: Violations at Minneapolis eateries

  • Article by: JANE FRIEDMANN
  • January 16, 2011 - 8:07 AM

A dozen food safety inspectors check up on Minneapolis's 1,700 eateries. I got inspection reports from the city's Department of Regulatory Services for September through November, the latest three months available.

Out of 592 inspections, I identified the 10 businesses with the most critical violations, which are the ones most likely to cause food-borne illness. I used the number of noncritical violations to break ties.

City environmental health supervisor Tim Jenkins notes that while these violations may give a customer pause, eateries are told to fix issues immediately. The 1st Cup Café was shut down for one day after an inspector spotted live cockroaches on Nov. 23.

Four businesses listed here have passed reinspection: The Lyndale, Lyndale Grocery and Deli, C C Club and Longfellow Grill. January reinspections are planned for the others.

1 Caravelle - Pho 79 Restaurant, 2529 Nicollet Av., 13 critical violations.

Pests present. Food stored on floor. No illness log. Raw meat not segregated. Dirty equipment. Dishes not sanitized. Improper food temps. Expired food. Food not dated. Dishwashing sink used for food prep. Coolers, walls in disrepair. Bathroom water not hot.

2 Wondrous Azian Kitchen, 533 Hennepin Av. S., 10 critical.

No soap, towels at hand sinks. Couldn't show salmon underwent parasite-destruction procedures. Raw meat not segregated. Improper food temps. Food not dated. No chlorine test strips. Clean dishes on floor. Dirty areas. No written plan for cooking temperature of meat and dairy foods.

3 Jerusalem's Restaurant, 1518 Nicollet Av., nine critical.

No certified food manager. No illness log. Cook alternated between washing dishes and cooking without washing hands. Raw meat not segregated. Improperly mixed sanitizing solutions. Food not dated. Improper food temps. Dirty equipment.

4 The Lyndale, 2937 Lyndale Av. S., nine critical.

No certified food manager. No illness log. Soap, towels missing. Ice machine had buildup. Improper food temps and cooling methods. Food not dated. Bottles stored in ice used for drinks.

5 Lyndale Grocery and Deli, 2551 Lyndale Av. S., eight critical

No certified food manager. No illness log. No soap, towels at hand sinks. Raw meat not segregated. Food not dated. Debris in slicer. Prep area, floor cluttered, unclean. Equipment, facility in disrepair. Chemicals stored with food. Food stored on floor. Cigarette butt found. No wiping-cloth bucket.

6 C C Club, 2600 Lyndale Av. S., eight critical.

No certified food manager. No illness log. No soap, towels at hand sink. Dishwasher too cool. Too-strong cleaning solution; no test kit. Dirty equipment. Improper food temps. Food not dated. Food prep sink used for dishes. Leaky dishwasher. Dirty floors.

7 Downtown Pizza and Diner, 10 N. 5th St., eight critical.

No certified food manager. No soap at hand sink. Sanitizer not set up. Dirty equipment and facility. Day-old food at 59 degrees. Cooked food at room temp. Food not dated. Water bottle used for sauce.

8 Longfellow Grill, 2990 West River Parkway, eight critical.

Employee in charge untrained in reporting of food-borne illness. Fruit flies. Cracked eggs above clean plates. Food cooling and reheating processes not regulated. Improper food temps.

9 Azima Restaurant, 137 E. Franklin Av., seven critical.

No certified food manager. Mouse droppings. Person in charge untrained in food safety and dishwashing. No illness log. Inaccessible hand sink. Towels missing. Raw meat not segregated. Blood and debris on floor of coolers. Repairs and cleaning needed.

10 1st Cup Café, 2740 Minnehaha Av. S., Suite 180, seven critical

No certified food manager. Cockroaches. Employees untrained in food safety. No soap at hand sink. Dishes not sanitized. Food from unapproved suppliers. Improper food temps. Fly strip over sandwich prep area. No prep sink.

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