Web gem: Librarything

  • September 21, 2007 - 5:44 PM

I'm no bibliophile, but I love my books, a ragtag assortment of mostly paperbacks with a few deeper veins where I have sought out everything I can find by favorite authors. And I like to snoop. I recently discovered a new book-cataloging site ( that easily allows you to list the books in your home library. There are several other such sites (Shelfari, GoodReads), but, founded by Tim Spalding in 2005, has more than 250,000 signed-up users, more than 17 million books cataloged and a monthly readership of 218,000.

You can list up to 200 books free, or pay a fee for bigger lists ($10 annually, $25 for a lifetime pass). Once you enter your books (use the ISBN number if possible, since it kicks up the exact edition you possess), the site lets you rate, review, tag, browse and search them, and shows book jackets when available.

The app's social aspect also lists other users whose libraries overlap yours, and you can check out their books and leave messages for them. There are suggested titles related to your interests and user reviews. You can even click on an "author cloud" list with type that's sized to reflect your catalog, and a gallery of photos of your favorite writers.


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