How does Target's "Great Save" compare to Costco and Sam's?

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  • January 7, 2011 - 3:16 PM

Not everyone is a fan of Costco or Sam's Club. Some people don't think they would recoup the $50 or $60 annual fee. Others don't have a warehouse club that's convenient to them. Some don't want to buy in "obscenely" large quantities.

So when Target tries to copy the warehouse clubs with its temporary "Great Save" departments up now through Feb. 5, it's fun for Costco and Sam's Club members to compare. Products included in The Great Save are: bath tissue, detergent, baby formula and diapers, bundle electronics (i.e. extra Wii remote with the purchase of a Wii console), printers and blu-ray players. Many items appear online too.

I checked a few prices to see how they compare to Costco and Sam's Club.

Store brand of 13 gallon kitchen plastic bags with drawstrings:

Target's Up&Up $10.49 for 120 (.087 cents each), Costco's Kirkland Signature $12.69 for 200 (.063 cents each) and Sam's Club Member's Mark $8.98 for 150 (.059 cents each).

Lowest price: Sam's.

Bounce dryer sheets:

Target: $7.99 for 240 sheets ($.033 cents each)

Costco $7.49 for 250 sheets ($.029 cents each)

Sam's Club $7.52 for 250 sheets ($.030 cents each)

Lowest price: Costco, but coupon clippers could lower the price at Target with a coupon. Unlike the warehouse clubs, coupons are allowed at Target, including on Great Save items.


Nature Made fish oil softgels (1,200 mg)

Target: $14 for 300 ($.046 each)

Costco $15.39 for 375 ($.041 each)

Lowest price: Costco, but coupon clippers could lower the price at Target with a coupon. Sam's Club did not carry the Nature Made brand.


Summary: The warehouse clubs were still cheaper than Target's Great Save items on the few items checked, between 11 to 30 percent less. But Target shoppers aren't paying an annual fee and they can use coupons.


Prices were checked at Target on Lake Street in Minneapolis and Costco and Sam's in St. Louis Park on Jan. 7.

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