Google plans to sell ads within 'widgets'

  • September 18, 2007 - 8:17 PM

Google Inc. will try to cash in on the Internet's latest craze by distributing ads within "widgets" -- the interactive capsules designed to bring more pizzazz to Web pages. The move, scheduled to be announced today, represents Google's first attempt to make money from a trend that the online search leader has helped popularize. For two years, the company has offered a platform showcasing small modules, known generally as widgets, that blend data, text, images and software programs. Google users can choose from more than 14,000 widgets -- or, as Google calls them, "gadgets" -- that can be planted on a personalized version of the search engine's website.

Intel's new chips will ship in November

Intel Corp. fired a pair of technical salvos at smaller rival Advanced Micro Devices Inc., announcing a November launch date for its next generation of chips and showing off its momentum in manufacturing technology. Chief Executive Paul Otellini told a crowd of thousands at the Intel Developer Forum that the company's next cycle of microprocessors, code-named Penryn, will begin shipping Nov. 12. The new chips boast a 20 percent performance boost and increased energy efficiency over the previous generation.

AmEx to sell international banking unit

American Express Co. said it is selling its international banking unit to a London-based bank for nearly $1.1 billion so it can focus on its core business of credit cards. Standard Chartered PLC, which draws the bulk of its revenue from outside Britain in Asia and Africa, will buy American Express Bank Ltd. for the value of its assets plus $300 million. As of June 30, that combined value amounted to $860 million. The deal is expected to close in the first quarter of 2008.

Fox business channel aimed at 'Main Street'

Rupert Murdoch, CEO of the media conglomerate News Corp., said a business news channel being launched by Fox next month will be less confrontational and more consumer-focused than its rival CNBC. "CNBC is a financial channel for Wall Street," Murdoch told an investor conference in New York sponsored by Goldman Sachs. "We're for Main Street. ... They [CNBC] dwell too much on failures or scandals. We want to put a lot on innovations and successes, people who are making money."

Apple will roll out its iPhone in Britain

Apple Inc. took its million-selling iPhone transatlantic, announcing a November rollout in Britain with an eye toward expanding into Europe in coming months, if not days. Apple Chief Executive Steve Jobs said the phone will go on sale in Britain Nov. 9 and operate only with mobile operator O2, the first time the 3-month-old, combination cell phone-media player has been sold outside the United States. The 8-gigabyte model will cost about $536, including tax -- $139 more than in the United States.

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