Lily and Hope as celebrities

  • October 15, 2010 - 9:54 PM


• Jan. 8, 2010: Bear researchers Lynn Rogers and Sue Mansfield of the Wildlife Research Institute in Ely insert a camera into the den of Lily, a 3-year-old female black bear.

• Jan. 22: Lily gives birth to a cub. Lily and Hope become the No. 1 search topic on Google. A Facebook page draws more than 100,000 "friends.''

• May 21: Lily separates from Hope; hundreds of thousands of online viewers fret.

• May 26: Lily rejoins Hope.

• May 31: Hope and Lily again split, this time for six weeks. Worried Hope might die, Rogers and Mansfield supplement her natural foraging with feed and goat's milk. "If Hope was dead, we would learn nothing from her,'' Rogers said. "Alive, she had a lot to offer scientifically.''

• Mid-July: Hope and Lily find each other and remain together.

• Oct. 15: Lily and Hope prepare to settle in for the winter. A camera in their den will broadcast images worldwide of their hibernation and a new birth.


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