Vincent Roberts, the train's conductor.

David Joles, Star Tribune

From Northstar conductor, poetry in motion

  • September 10, 2010 - 10:02 PM


Vincent Roberts, a conductor on the Northstar Commuter Rail line, has a certain flair, and it goes beyond his oversized pocket watch and chain. On Friday afternoons, he doesn't just announce train stops, he raps:

"I'd like to welcome you aboard the Northstar line

"Relaxing transportation you will find

"This service is for you, your friends and your kin

"Glad you're aboard, hope you ride it again

"City to city, you will see

"Gonna get you there very quick and safely

"I hope this ride will help brighten your day

"Now I'll tell you the stops that are 'long the way

"We've got Fridley, Coon Rapids, Anoka, too

"Elk River, Big Lake, but we're not through

"Gotta go to St. Cloud? There's really no fuss

Hop off at Big Lake, catch the Northstar bus

"So park your car, then board the train

"Once you ride the Northstar, you'll wanna do it again"

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