Winnie is Splendid

  • Blog Post by: Ted Takasaki
  • September 8, 2010 - 6:46 PM

Being one of my first outings on Lake Winnibigosh during open water, I found the lake to be a ton of fun with lots of fish.  I spent most of the week trolling open water flats with spinnners and in line weights only to be aggravated most of the week.  Some big fish, but very inconsistent.  Finally, I switched to bottom bouncers and Lindy Rigs on the sharp breaklines (which I am more comfortable with especially on a Minnesota lake with one rod per person).  This proved to be the right pattern because I went from 26th place on the first day to 14th on the second.  Unfortunately, due to a violent wind storm, the tournament was cancelled on the 3rd day.

Nonetheless, I had a great time figuring out the bite and felt good about making such a good move.  That's all you can ask for while fishing... pose a challenge to yourself and figure it out.  It's like solving a big jigsaw puzzle. 

Looking forward to the fall with big fish bites all over the place and a little pheasant hunting.  Can't wait!!!

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