Zooey Deschanel and Prince on "New Girl"

Prince apparently is Minnesota’s only purple person who can deliver on Super Bowl Sunday. 

Who can forget his halftime performance in 2007 in the rain in Miami? Who will be able to forget his performance on Fox's “New Girl” on Sunday in the coveted post-Super Bowl slot?

It was Prince’s best acting since “Purple Rain.” Probably because he was playing himself in both cases.

Here’s a quick summary of Sunday's plot on “New Girl,” a show I don’t regularly watch.

Jess (Zooey Deschanel) and Cece (Hannah Simone) almost get run over by a black SUV (with MN plates) in L.A. The driver worked for Prince and she felt so bad that she invited the two women to a party at Prince’s L.A. house. 

When Cece and Jess leave for the party in a limo, Jess’ boyfriend (Jake Johnson) says he loves her for the first time. Her response: She configures her hands like six shooters and fires at him.

Boyfriend crashes party, Prince crashes their tete a tete and asks for some private time with Jess to give her advice. Over pancakes, of course. He redresses her, of course. They play ping pong (he wins 15-0). His final advice: “Anything beautiful is worth getting hurt for.”

Jess follows Prince’s advice, tells her boyfriend she loves him, they kiss. Prince calls her onstage to sing his new song, possibly called “Don’t U Wanna Fall in Love Tonight.” (Only other identifiable celeb at party was Dodgers pitcher Clayton Kershaw.)

They party like the Vikings won the Super Bowl. OK, that never happens. And did this Prince thing really happen for Jess -- or was it a dream?

“How did you know the words to the song,” Jess’ friends ask her back at the apartment.

“I think Prince is magic,” she says.

Who writes this stuff? Not the same person who scripted Bob Dylan’s Chrysler commercial (Dylan played pool, not ping pong) during the Super Bowl ...“Detroit made cars. And cars made America.”

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