The Carver County judge overseeing Prince’s estate issued an order Friday giving the special administrator permission to conduct DNA tests of the late musician’s blood, recognizing that some people may claim to be his heirs.

Bremer Trust of St. Cloud was appointed Monday to marshal and protect Prince’s assets for his heirs. Judge Kevin Eide gave it permission to have samples of Prince’s blood transferred from the Midwest Medical Examiner Office in Ramsey, which conducted the superstar’s autopsy, to DNA Diagnostics Center of Fairfield, Ohio, for testing.

In a separate order Friday, Eide gave anyone with a claim against Prince’s estate just four months to file notice with the court or special administrator.

Coincidentally, one major claim was filed the same day by a woman in Atlanta who is seeking “over $750 billion.”

The claim was filed by Dr. K.K. Ferraro, who says she is “currently existing as Maleika S. Mosley.” She also has gone by Karolina Kennedy Buccini and Karolina Rosa Kennedy Ferrara, according to a 2012 court case filed in Colorado.

Ferraro submitted a three-page, typewritten letter along with her handwritten claim in which she details her “now 40 years long post-Civil Rights Movement Sociopolitical Hostage Crisis” for which she says she’s been seeking compensation from Prince “since 1985 or so.” She says she is a Harvard-educated attorney, judge, surgeon and biomedical researcher.

Eide dismissed an earlier $1 billion claim against the estate by a California man who said there was an “implied” agreement from Prince entitling him to the superstar’s musical rights, both published and unpublished.

In his Friday order, Eide said he would consider any petitions objecting to the appointment of Bremer after a properly noticed hearing. He said claims not filed within four months would be barred.