The Durst quadruplets have huddled around a single bathroom sink in their Buffalo home for the past 17 years, but Saturday required extra coordination. It was prom night, the biggest formal event of their lives. Sarah, left, and Megan shared the mirror as their identical sisters, Calli and Kendra, waited their turn. As anyone who has raised daughters knows, prom creates drama, from getting asked to the dance and finding the right dress to figuring out how to get there and where to go afterward. For the Durst sisters, who baby-sit for their teachers and principal, getting in trouble was out of the question. A note from Calli revealed how her night went: "After the grand march we went with our group to Monticello Walmart and got Mountain Dews and then went to dinner at Anton's. After that we had time to kill so we went to the St. Cloud mall and went into the pet store. We danced till midnight and then I came home and went to bed. GREAT NIGHT :)"