Sir Humphrey Gilbert was the half-brother of one rather infamous person. Sir Humphrey, of the two siblings, was much better educated, far better read. Had a clear concise understanding of life and what it could do for one with eyes wide open. 

His, as it turned out, very famous brother, was not the sharpest tool in the shed. And life records one brothers caution, was not the embodiment of the other. 

During a horrific storm a much large vessel sails up to recuse Sir Humphrey and Sir Humphrey declines, says he will stay with his crew and his vessel and Sir Humphreys final quote was that “one was as close to God at sea, as on land. “ During the night, Sir Humphrey’s boat, with all hands, perished in the storm. 

You have to ask yourself why, when help is offered, why does one so educated, so supposedly intelligent, refuse aid and not just for himself, but others in his charge. 

So were digging in slush and ice, the water is ridiculously cold and the truck is ice welding itself in freezing as fast as we work to dislodge it. This is beyond stupid. 

Four trucks park at the public access and one guy who never struck me as anything less then brilliant says today he’s driving out on the ice. 

We all say don’t, it aint safe, but he today has decided against us, and against common sense, and against his really nice pickup. 

After hours of exhausting effort we get his truck out of the lake. The simple day of fishing wasted, and for what. 

the Trout Whisperer



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