One of the west metro's top sister duos, Armstrong swimmers Brooke and Courtney Evensen, is is about to part ways.

But not before postseason meets, the first of which, the Class 2A, Section 5 meet, takes place Thursday through Saturday.

Staff writer Jim Paulsen spoke with Brooke, a senior, about the end of her high school career and moving on without younger sister Courtney, a sophomore who has been swimming with Brooke for four seasons.

Q How long have you been a swimmer?

A I was first put in a pool when I was 3 months old, but I didn't start swimming until I was 8.

Q Did you take to water immediately?

A When I was young, I was always going to the local pool to play or jump off the diving board. I just love the water so much.

Q How long have you been swimming with the varsity?

A Since seventh grade, so this is my sixth year.

Q Does it feel like it's gone by fast?

A Yeah. My first memory as a seventh-grader is being pretty intimidated by the older high school students.

Q What can you say about this year's team?

A We have a lot of depth. We got a lot of new swimmers, freshmen who wanted to try something new. It's been really fun to watch all of the younger girls grow and become better swimmers.

Q It's an Olympic year. Do you think that helps with getting more swimmers?

A Probably. Seeing swimmers like Michael Phelps can be pretty influential.

Q Do you have a favorite swimmer?

A I look up to my sister Courtney. It's always good to swim with her here.

Q Do you swim the same races?

A No. I'm more of a freestyler and a backstroker. She's more of a distance swimmer.

Q Do you push each other?

A Yes. We are always swimming sets right next to each other.

Q Who wins?

A It's really pretty even. Sometimes I do when she's having a bad day and other times she does when I'm having a bad day.

Q Do you swim any races together?

A Yes, usually the 200 and the 400 freestyle relay.

Q How do you feel about this being your last high school season together?

A It's going to be weird not having her around. But I don't worry about her. I know she'll do very well when I'm gone.

Q Ever made it to the state meet?

A I swam on a relay in eighth grade and the last couple of years, I made it in the 100 freestyle, the 100 backstroke and the two freestyle relays.

Q What's your best finish?

A Last year, we placed fifth in the 400 free relay and I was fifth in the 100 freestyle.

Q What is your favorite race?

A The 100 freestyle.

Q Why?

A It's a sprint. It's not too far, but its not too short, either.

Q What's your strategy?

A Go out fast and come back faster.