This place gets better and better every time you see it. I've been fortunate enough to catch a handful of Twins home games this season at Target Field. About 10 minutes ago, I experienced the press box for the first time and I gotta say, this place is top-notch.

It's championship baseball day here at the ballpark, billed by the MSHSL as the "Prep Championship Series"

Players from Eden Valley-Watkins and Sebeka have taken their spots in their respective dugouts (EV-W will be the home team for the Class 1A championship) and in about 15 minutes the gates will open for fans to take their spots in the green seats here. Some dark clouds are forming far beyond the Budweiser Adult Beverage that Cannot be Consumed Here Party Deck, but all signs point toward this being an all-systems go production event today.

My job today is to be a roaming reporter; I'll be on the field, in the stands and all places in between. We'll have the games covered - on the blog and in tomorrow's paper. And some other fun stuff as well.

For 10 bucks, you can see all three championships (scheduled starts at noon, 3 and 6 p.m.) So if you can swing it, make like the Price if Right and c'mon down.

First pitch in 70 minutes!