Q: I love to cook for friends and my family. So I was thinking about asking my husband for a “pot-filler faucet” installed in my kitchen. Can you give me some information on these specialty faucets and how they are installed? This way, I can make a nice sales pitch to my husband.

A: I like the way you think — getting all your information first, then making your case with a professional sales pitch. A pot-filler-type faucet is a good item to have in your kitchen if you want to cook like a pro.

Pot fillers are tall faucets with long swinging spouts that are installed close to your cooktop or stove. True to the name, you can fill your pots right on the burner top, and avoid carrying water-filled pots across your kitchen. Plus, you can easily add more water while you’re cooking.

Pot fillers usually have a higher flow rate for filling large pots. To install one, you need a little space close to your stove where a hole can be drilled, and an area under the counter where a cold-water line can be connected.

There’s no need for a hot-water line or drains, but you do need to follow local codes. Final note: Price the job first, because a pot filler can be a high-end item.

Beverage faucet may fit the bill

Q: I plan to remodel my kitchen. One feature planned is a small prep sink for my small kitchen island. I need only cold water for this sink, and because of the tight area, a large faucet will not fit. Any ideas on a faucet I can use? All I have seen are standard kitchen faucets.

A: I know just the faucet that may work for you. In fact, I have one in my own kitchen. It’s called a beverage faucet, and it can add convenience, style and a special feature to your prep sink.

First, it uses only a cold-water line, so it’s a little easier to rough in and install. Second, it is smaller than a standard kitchen faucet. Finally, most models have a filter-option feature, so you can have a dedicated drinking faucet in your kitchen.

Note: This is not a “tap”-type water dispenser. A beverage faucet looks and works like a mini-gooseneck faucet, and it can even match your larger kitchen-faucet style. All in all, it’s a small faucet with a big payback for your new kitchen.


Master plumber Ed Del Grande is the author of “Ed Del Grande’s House Call” the host of TV and Internet shows, and a LEED green associate.