The Twins have played more than seven hours of baseball against the Brewers this weekend but have two wins to show for it and can sweep Milwaukee tomorrow if they can figure out a way to score off of Zack Greinke - or just wait him out and get after the bullpen. This is not a good team. Especially defensively

Here are three quick thoughts from today's game.

1. Liking Brian Dozier. He has showed no signs of being overmatched on his level. His at-bat in the sixth was excellent when he fell behind 0-2, fouled off four pitches to keep the at-bat alive, then drove a sacrifice fly to right. He seems to be pretty reliable in the field too. Good to see.

2. Pavano makes progress. Pavano hit 89 miles an hour on the gun today several times. It seemed to help his changeup, as he looked like his old self today more than he has in the last month. "I definitely think my stuff was a little stronger than it has been in the past," he said. The only thing I noticed from the post game charts was that he didn't throw any sliders, which is interesting. Not sure if it was because of matchups or confidence in the pitch.

3. Sweep the Brew Crew? Milwaukee has not played well this weekend so, heck yes, the Twins can sweep them. Jason Marquis is the one to watch. If he struggles in this start, the Twins might start having discussions about his future in the rotation. If Marquis pitches well, the Twins have a shot. Zack Greinke is only 3-8 against them in his career with a 4.96 ERA.

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