Four extra notes from under the (blissfully) air-conditioned roof:

    SILVER LINING: It was a little odd to hear Trevor May describe an outing in which he gave up three runs in 2 1/3 innings in hopeful, positive terms, but that just tells you how much he wants to put Saturday's debut behind him. And maybe he accomplished that much. Certainly that was the hope of manager Ron Gardenhire, who didn't want his rookie pitcher to just stew over that first outing for 10 days. Giving him a relief appearance was a terrific idea; too bad May didn't dazzle. Still, he definitely found the positives in it. His confidence? "It's definitely up, because I know the things I need to do -- establish the [strike] zone early -- are all things I know how to do," May said. "I need to throw all my pitches for strikes. I know that I can do it. It hasn't shown in the last five innings, but it showed in the first 95."

    NO MISTAKE, BUT AN ERROR: Speaking of May's outing, he was charged with only two earned runs, but that's just some scoring-rules silliness. When Marwin Gonzalez singled off May in the sixth inning, Danny Santana fielded the ball and threw it to the plate in hopes of getting Jake Marisnick trying to score. He would have, too, but the throw, straight on line and there ahead of the runner, skidded on the dirt and got past Kurt Suzuki. Gonzalez moved up to second base while the Twins chased the ball, so an error was charged to Santana, who did nothing but make a great throw. When Gonzalez eventually scored on Jose Altuve's single to center -- this time, Santana cut down the runner, getting Altuve at second -- his run was ruled unearned. Which is correct, but not right.

    NO-HITTER FROM AFAR: One more note about May: His outing Tuesday came one day after he pitched a no-hitter. Sort of. May was the starting pitcher on July 24, when he pitched three hitless innings against Durham. The game was halted by rain, however, and when it resumed Monday in Durham, N.C., Logan Darnell -- who was on the Twins when it began -- pitched the final six innings and completed the no-hitter. Darnell, Alex Meyer and several other teammates texted May with the news as soon as the game ended. "I came in here after batting practice, and my phone had all these 'No-hitter!' 'We did it!' text messages," May said. "They said they wished I had been there so I could have been piled on, too. They all went out there and tackled him. It's pretty cool, it's something I've never been part of. But Logan definitely did most of the work."

    WHOSE TURN, AGAIN? The Twins won't make any moves until they get back to Minneapolis, but their current plan is for Ricky Nolasco to pitch on Friday, followed by Phil Hughes, Tommy Milone and May. The current "official" probables list Pino as Monday's starter, but that's just because Nolasco will throw in the bullpen at Target Field on Wednesday, and there's no reason to activate him until he does. So don't be confused if the Twins' website lists a different order. Of course, Gardenhire and pitching coach Rick Anderson could decide to keep Pino, too.

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