It didn't seem to surprise Vance Worley on Friday when the first two Marlins he faced both singled. They know him too well, he said.

That's because leadoff hitter Juan Pierre and second hitter Placido Polanco spent last season with the Phillies, as Worley's teammates. "They know me," the right-hander shrugged. "I've never actually thrown against them, but they definitely hit the ball best."

Pierre added an RBI single of Worley in the second inning, too, and Polanco flew to deep left. Might be something to keep in mind when the Phillies visit Target Field in June.

Worley wasn't particularly unhappy with his outing, just chalked it up to some tough luck. "He said it's just one of those days where he felt like he couldn't get a ball by anybody," manager Ron Gardenhire said. "It looked like a good pitch to him, and they'd put it in play. It looked like a ball they'd swing and miss, and they'd put it in play. But he got his work in, got his pitch count up. We're working towards that, building arm strength."

His fastball only registered in the mid- to upper 80s, too, but Worley said he doubted the accuracy of the scoreboard radar reading.

"I think that gun's a little slow, honestly, because i was chucking it," he said. "If it was only coming out 85, 86 [mph], then there's something wrong. And it felt fine."

A couple of other notes from the Twins' day in Jupiter:

-- Aaron Hicks was charged with an error, but it was one of those unjust ones that outfielders get that aren't deserved. On a hit by Chris Coghlan in the first inning, Hicks threw to third base and looked like he might catch Casey Kotchman trying to advance. But the ball hit Kotchman's ankle as he dove into the bag, and bounced past third baseman Trevor Plouffe, allowing Kotchman to score.

Hicks feels great at the plate, he said, is seeing the ball well, as his .357 average attests. He reached base on a chopper to third that most players wouldn't have. "Right when I hit it, I kind of checked it out -- 'Oh, dang, it's fair,' " Hicks said. "I had to take off." He did, beating Kevin Kouzmanoff's throw by a step.

-- Chris Colabello doubled home the Twins' final run in the eighth inning, and good thing he did. When Kouzmanoff homered in the ninth, Colabello's run became the Twins' margin of victory. It's the second time in a week Colabello has driven in an eighth-inning run that averted extra innings, making up for the game in which he forced extras with a ninth-inning RBI. "If that's my specialty, it's a good one to have," he joked.

-- Ron Gardenhire said he'll try several players at first base while Justin Morneau, Colabello and Joe Mauer are gone, but Ryan Doumit won't be one of them, despite his 36 career games at the position. "He's allergic to that glove," the manager said. "You have to like it, and I don't think Doumit likes it."

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