The Twins lineup for tomorrow's game against Boston" Span, Nishi (2B), Kubel, Thome, Valencia, Parmelee, Repko, Casilla, Butera. Pitching: Pavano.

We're not sure yet where Kubes and Repko are playing. Looking into it.

Tsuyoshi Nishioka revealed some of the phrases he's learned in camp.

````I got it.’’

    ``You got it,’’

``I love you.’’

``You love me.’’


``Shut up.’’

Watched David Bromberg throw. He's 6-foot-5 and it seems like his arms and legs are going everywhere when he throws. The key for him is to make sure the ball doesn't go everywhere, as he once threw 16 wild pitches in a minor league season (he has cut down in recent years).

He hit Danny Rams with a pitch. But he also busted Tsuyoshi Nishioka's bat with a pitch too. The Twins like the way he competes. Wouldn't be surprised if he debuts sometime this season.    

 Justin Morneau continues to hit the heck out of the ball during batting practice. He also is getting a little bit of his edge back, which I think will be a factor in when he decides to try playing in spring training games.

I got reaction from Morneau about a ESPN Chicago article in which Jesse Crain claimed Morneau was the only Twin not to congratulate him for signing a three-year deal. Morneau said he jokingly texted Crain.``The White Sox? Are you kidding me?''

But, at the end of our talk, he referred to comments from Alex Rios about Chicago being the favorite to win the division.

``They said they are the team to beat in the division, so whatever,'' Morneau said.

It's minor. But a sign from Morneau that he's thinking about the regular season at times.

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