Q: Do you know if the TV series "Legends" with Sean Bean and TV series "Zoo" will be back this summer?

A: TNT dropped "Legends" after two seasons. "Zoo" will be back on CBS for a second season with a two-hour premiere on June 28.

A devil of a series

Q: I found "Lucifer" fascinating and creative storytelling. The Season 1 finale cliffhanger left me speechless. I really want to see where the writers take that bombshell! Please tell me the show will be back with Season 2.

A: Fox has in fact picked up the drama for a second season and scheduled it again on Monday nights following "Gotham."

'True Detective' in limbo

Q: I am wondering if there will be a third "True Detective." Both seasons were great.

A: It's not clear at this writing whether there will be a third season. Although the first season starring Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey was well received by many, the second season with a new cast including Colin Farrell, Vince Vaughn, Rachel McAdams and Taylor Kitsch was not much liked. But late last year, when "True Detective" honcho Nic Pizzolatto made a new deal with HBO, the network said the continuation of the show was being considered.

'Golden' ages

Q: I watch a lot of "Golden Girls" reruns. Can you tell me the ages of the stars when the show first aired?

A: The sitcom premiered on Sept. 14, 1985. Bea Arthur (Dorothy) and Betty White (Rose) were 63. Rue McClanahan (Blanche) was 61 and Estelle Getty (Sophia) was 62. Yes, Dorothy's mother was played by an actress younger than the one playing Dorothy.

A return to 'Grantchester'

Q: Please let me know if "Grantchester" has finished this season. The last program left me in "limbo," which made me think that this season has ended and when the new season begins it will start where this season ended.

A: The sixth and final episode of the second season of the drama aired on Masterpiece on May 1. It had already aired overseas, where the show is produced for the ITV network. And ITV has ordered a third season.

Delay of 'Game'

Q: We love "Hollywood Game Night," and all of a sudden before all the fourth-season episodes were aired it was pulled from NBC. What happened to it, and will it be back?

A: NBC likes the show, which it can run just about anywhere anytime it needs fresh programming because the episodes are self-contained. But partly because host Jane Lynch has had other commitments such as her short-lived CBS sitcom, the number of episodes each season has varied. Still, NBC has said it will be back in 2016-17, although it did not give it a specific time slot in the fall.

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