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By the numbers: U.S. House candidates' hauls

Posted by: Updated: October 15, 2014 - 6:13 PM

Wednesday was the latest filing day for U.S. House candidates and the cash is rolling in.

According to Federal Election Commission filings and information from campaigns, Republican Reps. John Kline and Erik Paulsen lead all candidates in how much cash they have left in the bank. Although neither of their suburban districts are targeted by national outside spending, both have more than $1.5 million in their war chests.

In the targeted western Seventh Congressional District, Democratic U.S. Rep. Collin Peterson has raised and spent more than his Republican challenger Torrey Westrom and has nearly twice as much left in the bank.

According to FEC files, independent groups have pumped more than $4.8 million into that district, a thousand-fold more than outside groups spent in 2012. The district which has a Republican tilt but has long sent Peterson to Washington by overwhelming margins.

Outside groups have already spent $6.6 million in the highly northern Eighth District, which has swung between Democratic and Republican representation in recent years.

In that race, the candidates -- Democratic U.S. Rep. Rick Nolan and Republican challenger Stewart Mills -- have kept competitive in fundraising but Nolan has more cash on hand going into the final stretch. Mills has added to his cash haul by lending his campaign $250,000 so far.

See the other numbers available below. The chart will be updated as more numbers become available.

Rep. Michele Bachmann: Border Patrol not stopping anyone on southern frontier

Posted by: Allison Sherry Updated: October 15, 2014 - 4:12 PM

WASHINGTON -- In one of her last speeches as a member of Congress, Rep. Michele Bachmann alleged border patrol agents aren't stopping "anyone" from entering the United States.

"I drove from the mouth of the Rio Grande to Boca Chica. It was shocking," she said, in a speech to the Heritage Foundation Wednesday. "The border control doesn't stop anyone from coming into the United States. And it's not their fault. It's the politicians' fault. Any foreign national who wants to come across the southern border comes in, they don't always get to stay necessarily, but they definitely get to come in."

The fact-checking website Politifact said that border patrol manpower along the nation's southern frontier is at an all-time modern high. There were 17,659 agents stationed along the southwest border of Mexico in 2011, Politifact said. The Department of Homeland Security shows a 412 percent increase in southwest border apprehensions from last year to this year, including family units and unaccompanied minors.

Bachmann alleged that if President Barack Obama granted amnesty to people living in the United States illegally, there would "presumably" be terrorists in that mix. 

“When the president of the United States announced publicly that yes he was going to, by himself, unilaterally, grant amnesty to potentially millions of people illegally here in the United States. Presumably some of them could be terrorists that are in the United States who illegally have come across our southern border. That's one of our greatest fears. We don't know, but that's one of our greatest fears today.”

The two Americans who were killed fighting with ISIS were both naturalized citizens. 

Bachmann also said the United States is the most generous country in the world in letting in legal immigrants. She said that by admitting more than one million legal immigrants as permanent residents annually, it topped all other countries' legal immigration numbers combined.

"If you took every other country in the world and you took the number of people they allow in for immigration and you added it up … every country in the world together doesn’t equal what the United States allows in immigration in one year.”

The Migration Policy Institute says this is only partially true. While the U.S. does allow in the most immigrants of any other country in the world, it's not more than all other countries combined.

"You will see that if you add up just a handful of the top countries (Spain, the UK, Italy, Germany and Canada) you top one million and that is before you add other ... countries," a spokeswoman wrote in an email.

Bachmann touted her proposed legislation that would give federal officials the right to revoke passport privileges of Americans who fight for terrorist organizations. She said Minnesota has a “tragic nexus to terrorism” given the two Americans who have died abroad fighting with the terrorist group had Minnesota ties.
“We need to take this threat from the Islamic State extremely seriously,” she said.

Minnesota delegation asks for meeting with VA secretary

Posted by: Allison Sherry Updated: September 30, 2014 - 10:12 AM

WASHINGTON -- Minnesota's ten members of Congress on Tuesday collectively asked for a meeting with VA Secretary Robert McDonald to talk about recent reports of falsified records at Minneapolis's VA hospital.

The request comes after VA records showed a neurology exam for 25-year-old Jordan Buisman was rescheduled four days after his death. The former corporal had been told he'd have to wait almost 70 days to see a specialist at the Minneapolis VA neurology clinic for his epilepsy, which was the reason he left the Marine Corps. He died 24 days before his appointment.

Four days later, someone wrote in his VA records that Buisman had canceled his neurology appointment. The story was first reported by KARE TV.

The VA Inspector General's office is currently investigating allegations of falsified records and manipulation with scheduling data. The delegation, Sens. Al Franken and Amy Klobuchar and Reps. Tim Walz, John Kline, Betty McCollum, Keith Ellison, Erik Paulsen, Collin Peterson, Rick Nolan and Michele Bachmann, requested a meeting with Secretary McDonald once the findings are released by the IG.

"We are deeply troubled by serious allegations of falsified records and manipulation of scheduling data at the Minneapolis Veterans Affairs VA Health Care System," the delegation wrote.

VA Secretary McDonald, who was just sworn in a couple months ago, said over the weekend in a speech in Cincinnati that, "we know we have to work harder to earn that trust back one veteran at a time."

Read more here: http://www.kansascity.com/living/health-fitness/article2271423.html#storylink=cpy

Bachmann hits the road as she prepares to leave Congress

Posted by: Corey Mitchell Updated: September 23, 2014 - 10:17 AM

Retiring U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann has taken more privately financed trips in 2014 than any other member of Congress.

The Minnesota lawmaker's six trips include a visit to Haiti in August through the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute.

The total cost of trips by members of Congress and their aides during August reached $766,000, according to LegiStorm. The nonpartisan Washington, D.C.-based watchdog group found that member trip cost $2 million last August.

That’s because lawmakers often scale back travel during election years, choosing to focus their attention on the campaign trail. With her plans to leave Congress at the end of the year and no re-election on the horizon, Bachmann has opted to hit the road more often.

Since January, Bachmann has also traveled to: a Heritage Foundation event in Richmond, Va., in February; England’s Oxford Union Society in March; an event hosted by the Israel Allies Caucus Foundation in Dallas in March; Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Ok., in May; and the Western Conservative Summit in Denver in July, congressional records show.

During her first seven years in the U.S. House, Bachmann took 23 privately financed trips, for an average of slightly more than three per year.

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Party line splits on House approval to arm Syrian rebels

Posted by: Allison Sherry Updated: September 18, 2014 - 12:42 PM

WASHINGTON -- It's not often that Republican Rep. Michele Bachmann and Democratic Rep. Rick Nolan join together to support the same amendment.

On Thursday, an odd blend of bedfellows voted against a $5 billion measure to arm Syrian rebels in the fight to combat the terror group, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, which passed 273 to 156.

Bachmann, Nolan and Democratic Rep. Betty McCollum voted against the proposal. Democratic Reps. Tim Walz, Collin Peterson and Keith Ellison joined Republican Reps. John Kline and Erik Paulsen in support.

Bachmann tweeted after the vote: "Many of the so-called "moderate" rebels have already joined the cause of Islamic jihad. Concerned U.S. weapons could fall into enemy hands."

Nolan uttered a similar sentiment on the House floor Tuesday. His impassioned speech earned him exposure on the CBS morning news.

"Remember, last year at this time we were ready to attack (Syrian President) al-Assad and Syria. Now we appear in a tacit alliance with Assad and his allies to defeat ISIL," he said. "Today we appear ready to send $5 billion to the FSA ... The definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing over and over again while expecting a different result."

Paulsen said, in a statement, he supported the measure with reservations.

"I remain concerned about the administration's ability to effectively and appropriately vet Syrian opposition forces to ensure we are training groups aligned with our interest in defeating ISIL," he said, noting he found it "necessary to provide the president with this limited and short-term authority."

McCollum, in a statement, called the debate "rushed."

"The CIA is already training and arming Syrian fighters in Jordan, without congressional approval. How well has that worked? We are not discussing that as a body," she said.

The Senate takes this up Thursday. Sen. Al Franken in an interview on Wednesday said he had concerns about arming Syria and was still undecided.


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