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Republicans sue St. Louis, Pine counties

Posted by: Eric Roper under Minnesota campaigns Updated: November 12, 2010 - 3:29 PM

Tom Emmer's campaign and the Republican Party of Minnesota have filed lawsuits against St. Louis and Pine counties for not responding fast enough to document requests related to the recount.

As reported on Hot Dish yesterday, the two entities have sprayed out Data Practices Act requests across the state seeking a wide range of information. St. Louis and Pine counties have not responded to the Nov. 3-4 requests, which must be completed in "an appropriate and prompt manner."

What constitutes "appropriate" and "prompt" depends on who you ask, however.

In St. Louis County, the request seeks: tape results, tally sheets, any result revisions, polling rosters, same day registration sign-ins, the number of accepted and rejected absentee ballots, copies of all absentee ballot envelopes, copies of all voter registration applications and absentee ballot applications, any communication with the Dayton campaign, names of election judges, Election Day incident reports and names of all people who applied for absentee ballots.

But county election officials are also required by law to update the rolls for voting history and same-day registered voters, which is priority No. 1 in most offices right now. 

Patricia Stolee, St. Louis County's Director of Elections, was unaware of the suit but said some requested items cannot be made public until the rolls are updated. She has a three-person staff working on that.

Minnesota law states: "No polling place roster may be inspected until the voting history for that precinct has been posted. No voter registration application may be inspected until the information on it has been entered into the statewide registration system."

As for the other items, Stolee said she is gathering the information.

"We're working on it, definitely," Stolee said.

The suit requests a court injunction to compel the counties to fulfill the request.

Here's the suit: 



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