A look into Minnesota politics' major donors

  • Published May 23, 2014

Minnesota’s mega-donors have given more than 40 percent of the $13.3 million that individuals have donated to Minnesota candidates, parties and PACs this election season.

This list contains the names and donation amounts of the 195 donors who’ve given at least $5,000 since January 2013. You can search the list by donor name, city and by employer name or occupation. Click the icons on the right to get more information about the donor’s giving patterns or an itemized list of donations made.


  • This list was developed from information provided by the Minnesota Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board. It does not include federal contributions or contributions to political non-profits.
  • Partisan calculations reflect donor giving to candidates and parties; they do not include donations to political action or independent expenditure groups.
  • Donor location and employment information were provided by the candidates, parties and PACs that reported the donations to state regulators.
  • Since most candidates loan their campaigns money, rather than donate it to them, it does not include those self-funders.

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