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  • Updated: October 17, 2007 - 11:10 AM

“Abby – Bachmann” Ad Back-Up Americans United For Change TV (:30)

SCRIPT FACTS ANNCR: George Bush just vetoed Abby. And Josh. He vetoed Latoya. And Kevin. Bush vetoed health insurance for millions of America’s children.

(CG: Vetoed Health Insurance For Children) FACT: Bush vetoed Children’s Health Insurance Program.

President Bush vetoed the expansion of SCHIP. Earlier this month, President Bush vetoed the expansion of SCHIP. [Washington Post, 10/4/07]

FACT: SCHIP expansion would cover 10 million children in working families.

SCHIP expansion would cover 10 million children from working families. “At issue is a program that provides health insurance for children whose families earn too much to qualify for Medicaid but cannot afford private health insurance… Supporters say that would be enough to boost enrollment to 10 million, up from 6.6 million, and dramatically reduce the number of uninsured children in the country, currently about 9 million.” [Washington Post, 10/4/07]

FACT: Editorial boards support SCHIP.

Child Health. “It’s shameful that America has no universal medical insurance and has 45 million people without coverage. It’s more shameful that the White House may cold-heartedly reject this attempt to protect more kids. So much for “compassionate conservatism.” [Charleston Gazette Editorial , 9/27/07]

Children’s Coverage at risk over self-righteous ideal. “To their credit, the House and Senate have passed and sent to the president a plan to increase federal funding to $12 billion a year. It would add 4 million children to SCHIP, while some adults on the program would be moved to Medicaid. A 61-cent increase in the federal cigarette tax would foot the bill. But the president and other Republican leaders have dug in against the proposal on the grounds that it is a step toward universal health care. SCHIP was never meant to include middle-class families, Bush argues, and so he will veto the plan. So we see politics at its worst.” [Charleston Gazette Editorial , 9/27/07] ANNCR: And Congresswoman Michele Bachmann voted with him.

(CG: Bachmann voted with him) FACT: Congresswoman Michele Bachmann voted against SCHIP

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann voted against Children’s Health Insurance. [HR 976, Vote #906, 9/25/07] ANNCR: Bush and Bachmann would rather send half a trillion to Iraq

(CG: Wrong Priorities) FACT: Congresswoman Michele Bachmann supported spending billions in Iraq.

Bachmann voted for the emergency Iraq spending bill. Congresswoman Bachmann voted for the bill that appropriated $97.8 billion in fiscal 2007 emergency spending, including $94.4 billion for military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. It would provide $3.4 billion for the Federal Emergency Management Agency Disaster Relief Fund. It would establish 18 "benchmarks" for the Iraqi government and require the president to report on progress towards meeting the benchmarks. It would permit, but not require, the president to withhold reconstruction funds if the benchmarks were not met. [HR 2206, Vote #425, 5/24/07]

Bachmann voted for emergency Iraq spending. Congresswoman Bachmann voted for the passage of the bill that would authorize $645.5 billion for defense programs in fiscal 2008, including $141.8 billion in emergency spending for operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. The bill would authorize $102.7 billion for weapons procurement, $142.5 billion for operations and maintenance, $115.4 billion for personnel, $18.2 billion for military construction and family housing and $23.5 billion for defense health-care programs. It would authorize $8.1 billion for the Missile Defense Agency and a 3.5 percent pay increase for military personnel. The bill would require that Walter Reed Army Medical Center be funded at the fiscal 2006 level until the Defense secretary certifies to Congress that expanded facilities at Bethesda Naval Medical Center and Fort Belvoir have sufficient staff, equipment and capacity to provide at least the same level of care provided at Walter Reed Army Medical Center during fiscal 2006. [HR 1585, Vote #373, 5/17/07]

Congress has approved $450 billion for the war in Iraq. Since the war began, Congress has passed $450 billion to fund the war in Iraq. [The Star-Ledger,9/27/07]

FACT: Congresswoman Michele Bachmann has consistently supported the President on Iraq.

Bachmann has stood with Bush and repeatedly voted against bringing American troops home. Congresswoman Bachmann has consistently voted against bringing our troops home from Iraq. [H Con Res 63, Vote #99 (D 229-2, R 17-180), 2/16/07; HR 1591, Vote #265, 4/25/07; HR 2237, Vote #330, 5/10/07; HR 2956, Vote #624, 7/12/07]

Bachmann said that U.S. must stand strong to win the war on Terror. “We must stand strong in our resolve to fight and win the war on terror…Bachmann criticized the resolution and said it should be rejected. She also said that after three days of debate, she had yet to hear a plan from the Democrats ‘for victory in the war on terror.’,” [Star Tribune, 2/16/07]

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