By James Eli Shiffer

After reading my blog post this week about new limits on prerecorded telemarketing calls, Shaun Dakin pointed out that Minnesota is one of a handful of states that goes further than the feds by banning virtually all robocalls, including those from politicians. Dakin is the head of a Washington-based group dedicated to stopping prerecorded politicos, and the web site features links and audio to those voted the most offensive in the last election cycle.

Dakin's reference to Minnesota's law also explained to me why the recorded voice of Minneapolis schools superintendent Bill Green came out of my phone a few times over the past year. Here are the exceptions to the Minnesota robocall ban:

This section and section 325E.30 do not apply to (1) messages from school districts to students, parents, or employees, (2) messages to subscribers with whom the caller has a current business or personal relationship, or (3) messages advising employees of work schedules.

For more information on "do not call" rules in Minnesota, click here.





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