A puppy stolen from a parked car in Chaska was located and returned to its owners Sunday, according to Chaska police.

Goldy, described by his owner as an 11-week-old mini Labradoodle, was taken from his owner’s vehicle outside the wholesale Goodwill store Friday afternoon just off Lyman Boulevard between Lake Hazeltine and Chanhassen High School, police said. The family offered a $500 reward.

On Sunday afternoon, Chaska police confirmed via Facebook that the department had located Goldy and returned him to Brette and Matt Hermann of Victoria after following several leads.

“A suspect has been identified and this is still an active investigation,” the post read.

It went on to say that the lost dog’s plight had garnered a lot of attention, including from people who had “weighed in about the dangers of leaving a pet in a car.”

The original suspect was a woman. The Police Department’s initial post included surveillance camera images of the woman in the store and photos of a dark Volkswagen Jetta associated with her.

Some commenters on social media had speculated that the suspect actually “rescued” the dog from the car on an afternoon when temperatures ranged from 79 to 83 degrees. However, police had said they were treating the case as a theft.

“The owners clearly don’t deserve a pet if they’ll leave it out in a hot car,” Jake Carlson wrote on Facebook. “That lady should be rewarded for saving that poor animal’s life.”

Other posters noted that the car may have been left on, with the air conditioning running.

“Glad the pooch is home safe!” wrote Sandy Henrikson.