Medina-based Polaris Industries Inc. is donating 10 rugged military vehicles to the Salvation Army for tornado relief efforts in Moore, Okla.

The off-road vehicles have been popular with the U.S. military in Iraq and Afghanistan because they feature “run flat” or “non-pneumatic” tires that can’t go flat. Now the military vehicles will be put to use during relief efforts in Moore, where an EF-5 tornado destroyed the town on May 20, killing two dozen and leaving hundreds homeless.

The Salvation Army will use the vehicles to deliver more food and water and supplies to survivors. Since last Monday, the nonprofit has served 17,000 meals and snacks to tornado victims and relief workers.

“With debris on the ground from thousands of destroyed homes, these vehicles will allow us to serve in places our mobile kitchens cannot,” said Lt. Col. Robert Thomson, the Salvation Army Northern Division commander. “We thank Polaris for this incredible gift.”

Polaris CEO Scott Wine said the company has long supported the Salvation Army’s charitable efforts, “and we hope the donation of these vehicles will assist them as they provide the affected communities with the relief they desperately need.”

Bay and Bay Transport and Overbye Trucking will haul the vehicles for free from Polaris’s factory in Osceola, Wis., to Oklahoma this week.