Plymouth is reassuring residents that discolored, brown-tinted water is safe and the result of routine hydrant flushing this summer.

The city sent a notice to 1,200 residents in the northeast section of the west metro suburb about the issue after residents reported concerns.

“There’s certainly no public health hazard,” City Manager Dave Callister said Friday. “Everything’s safe.”

The city’s water is tested every week by a state-certified lab in 20 different locations, he added.

Routine maintenance work to the city’s more than 6,000 fire hydrants includes flushing water hydrants every summer. In that process, iron may loosen in the pipes, the city said, discoloring the water.

The higher water use in the summer also means that some water may not be completely filtered for iron, but the city said it’s working to alter its operations to ensure the iron is filtered out. In the meantime, if residents see discolored water, the city advises running the faucet until it clears.