Ah, spring at last. Convertible tops and car windows are rolled down. But that sunny mood could disappear fast if you leave your windows open in a parking lot or on the street and a thief comes by.

Among the officials cautioning motorists is Plymouth community relations officer Jim Long. He said a review of his city’s crime statistics for the past three years shows that warmer weather brings a spike in car break-ins. And most car break-ins take place at night in residential driveways, Long said.

So Plymouth police have these suggestions:

• Never leave anything of value in plain view in your car.

• Always lock your car and close your windows.

• At night, park in your garage whenever possible.

• If you must park outside, always take your garage door opener with you. A garage door opener in the hands of a thief is as good as a key to a connected home.

• Adequate lighting deters crime. Consider installing motion detector lights.