St. Louis Park

One of the early suburbs of Minneapolis, it is the birthplace or childhood home of movie directors Joel and Ethan Coen, musician Peter Himmelman, New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman and Sen. Al Franken. Minnesota's first shopping center — Lilac Way — was built there in the late 1940s.

August 19
“It’s a shame we have to fight like that, and bring all these old memories back,” said World War II veteran Mel Dahlberg, of Jordan, Minn.

Nazi resurgence alarms Minn. WWII vets, Holocaust survivors

In the aftermath of last weekend's deadly violence in Virginia, no one may be feeling more anger and fear than those who battled the Nazis and those nearly killed by them.
Super Bowl LII
August 8
A 46-year-old man was arrested during a sting in St. Peter, Minn. Southern Minnesota law enforcement agencies are ramping up sex trafficking stings.

Minnesota fights sex trafficking by cracking down on customers

As the Super Bowl gets closer, law enforcement officials and nonprofits across Minnesota are taking aggressive new action to crack down on customers of prostitution and boosting programs aimed at keeping teens out of the sex trade.
West Metro
July 18

Hennepin County Sheriff's Office to add some body cameras this year

Up to 40 devices could be rolled out by December.
West Metro
July 18

St. Louis Park is second Minn. city to raise tobacco sales age

St. Louis Park's action follows in the footsteps of neighboring Edina.
West Metro
July 15
North Minneapolis' Webber Park library, which opened in May, is the newest branch in the Hennepin County Library system.

Hennepin County Library system scraps plan to renovate every 12 years

Renovating libraries based on the building's use, instead of an automatic revamp every 12 years, could be more efficient and possibly less expensive over time, Hennepin County Library leaders now say. It might also ensure that patrons get the same experience no matter which library they visit.
West Metro
July 13

Hennepin County leaders say new approach needed to address gaps — from housing to income

Officials estimated that eliminating the racial and ethnic income and employment disparities would mean $4.6 billion in income growth
West Metro
June 27

St. Louis Park poised to become 2nd city in state to raise tobacco sales age to 21

The move follows that of neighboring suburb Edina, which approved the increase last month.
West Metro
June 9

Once feared left for dead, St. Louis Park community garden comes back to life

The garden, a homegrown treasure of the Birchwood neighborhood, has been fallow since 2014.
West Metro
April 22

Methodist Hospital joins watershed district to build flood wall in St. Louis Park

Methodist Hospital so far surviving April rains thanks to 370-foot concrete structure.
West Metro
April 11

New Buddhist temple in St. Louis Park hopes to become center of Thai culture

A Thai Buddhist center is moving into an old church in St. Louis Park.
West Metro
March 13

SWLRT critics say Minnehaha watershed had conflict of interest in permit approval

Minnehaha Creek agency is accused of conflict of interest over land sale.
West Metro
February 7

Hennepin County looks to increase staff to prosecute, investigate sex trafficking

Funds sought to beef up county attorney's, sheriff's offices.
West Metro
January 7

West metro briefs: Hennepin County cities, schools receive $1.8M in sports grants

From new Minneapolis high school fitness centers to a new ice rink in St. Louis Park, schools and cities are benefiting from Hennepin County’s $1.8…
West Metro
December 21, 2016

Water pressure: St. Louis Park to close problematic water treatment plant

Objections to contaminant levels in water prompt city to shut down site by 2017.
West Metro
December 12, 2016

Globe-trotting columnist Thomas Friedman finds lessons at home in St. Louis Park

In his new book, Thomas Friedman calls St. Louis Park a "healthy community" amid global accelerations.
South Metro
November 23, 2016

Three Rivers District shifts plan to bring parks to the people

The suburban park system is changing priorities from building up parks and amenities to bringing the massive system right to residents.
West Metro
November 7, 2016

Hennepin County shifts child protection mission with new model

As child abuse cases rise, Hennepin County Board is considering plan to prevent it.
West Metro
November 3, 2016
St. Louis Park Mayor Jake Spano praised the Roots and Shoots club pres...

Drivers and the west metro rejoice: At last, major construction on Hwy. 100 is over

The major reconstruction project cost $60 million and took more than two years.
West Metro
October 17, 2016

Hennepin County's teen birthrates continue to decrease

Birthrate for Hennepin County teens falling faster than state's.
West Metro
October 10, 2016

Hot presidential race spurs record voter registration in Henn. Cty.

More than 740,000 Hennepin County voters have preregistered, breaking 2008's mark of 720,000 preregistered voters.
West Metro
September 20, 2016

Taxpayers in Hennepin, Ramsey counties can brace for a rate hike next year

Leaders in the state's most populous counties get their first look at 2017 budgets.
September 14, 2016

Obituary: Roger Buffalohead led nation's first American Indian Studies Department at University of Minnesota

Buffalohead was a mentor for countless students over the years, including Hattie Kauffman, a member of the Nez Perce tribe who became a correspondent for CBS News.
West Metro
September 2, 2016
A display of the area's high water levels was evident Friday below Minnehaha Falls in Minneapolis.

High water prompts no-wake rules on Twin Cities-area lakes

Experts hope the new-wake rules decrease the chance for boating deaths, which so far are at an 11-year high.
West Metro
September 2, 2016

Nanny's a natural at woodland art in St. Louis Park

St. Louis Park nature center visitors have learned to keep an eye open for Chelsey Bahe's fleeting whimsical creations.
West Metro
August 31, 2016

Hennepin County approves extra $20.5M for Southwest LRT

The extra funds are part of a last-minute funding patch intended to keep the controversial $1.9 billion project afloat.