During the next few weekends if you want a chance at a pink salmon or humpies as we call them you may want to head up the north shore of Lake Superior.  Not only will the drive reward you with the onset of autumns leaves changing but the lake run humpies will be entering the streams to spawn.

Drift casting with white, or orange spawn flies on four pound or lighter line usually does the trick. You can start at the Lester River just north of Duluth and fish to the Canadian border. The devils track river by grand Marias has to my favorite but once the run is on the fish seem to at least trickle into any and all the rivers. In the years of big runs the sheer number of salmon is impressive to say the least.

The first place to try on any of the north shore streams is the terminal holes. A fresh rain really kicks them in gear. Most are under three pounds in size but when first hooked they put up a good fight especially with some of the lower water conditions seen in the fall.

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