DFL Senator Tony Lourey held his face in his hand as GOP senators debated over the make up of the board of the health insurance exchange in the bill he sponsored on the Senate floor.  This was the first of over 95 amendments lined up to be debated.

Senator Michelle Benson motioned to colleagues that she would be right back as she left theSenate chamber during debate of the health insurance exchange.
Senator Roger Chamberlain moved through the the Senate chamber after accusing Senator Carlson of "Doctor Seuss-like thinking" when he didn't get an answer he liked during debate of the health insurance exchange.
Members of a group of insurance agents and companies visiting the Capitol for the day to meet with legislators got up and left the Senate gallery after an amendment  they supported was defeated.  The amendment would have prevented the health insurance exchange board from excluding insurance company plans even though they meet guidelines set up by the exchange.


Senate clerks arranged 95 proposed amendments to the health insurance exchange bill that will be debated Thursday.


Republican Senators Minority Leader David Hann, Michelle Benson, Paul Gazelka and Julie Rosen huddled in the corner of the Senate chamber at the start of debate of the  health insurance exchange bill.  Sen. Rosen then rose to offer the first of at least 95 amendments to the bill.




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