AAA Minneapolis was ready for a barrage of calls Monday and the agency got them.

As of 10 a.m., the agency had received more than 600 calls from stranded motorists in Hennepin County. That is more than four times as many calls the agency receives for assistance on a typical weekday, said Matt Hehl, communications manager for AAA Minneapolis.

The agency has doubled its staff to handle the additional calls.

Most of the calls have been for jump-starts, low or flat tires, towing and extrication service, Hehl said.

“From a mechanical aspect, cold temperatures present some of the greatest challenges to a vehicle’s operation,” he said. “Sub-zero temperatures greatly increases the stress and strain on vehicles, and minor deficiencies can often develop into major problems.”

Hehl said it varies on how long it will take from the time a motorist calls in and the time they receive service.

"We make it a priority to get to those motorists that are stranded with no safe or warm place to wait as opposed to someone waiting at home for a service on a vehicle in their garage," he said.

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