By Chip Scoggins 

Adrian Peterson said he's received a ton of text messages from family and friends who are "geeked up" about his highlight reel 64-yard touchdown run against the Browns on Sunday.
Peterson broke six tackles on the run, performed a ridiculous stop-start move and sent cornerback Eric Wright flying to the turf with a shove. 
Peterson also benefitted from tremendous blocking, most notably from receiver Sidney Rice. But Peterson's individual effort still had his teammates buzzing and in awe on Monday.
Kicker Ryan Longwell, a 13-year veteran, said he's never seen anything like it.   
"Not even in video games," he said. "I called my family after the game – they are down in Orlando and didn’t get the game – and so I told my son, he’s a big Adrian fan, that, ‘You’ve got to turn on the TV and see this run because it’s something that you’ll never see again.’ He’s just fun to watch, good guy, fun teammate and to stop midstride, shove a guy out of the way and then run another 40 yards is pretty amazing.”
"You mean when he stopped and kissed the baby at the 20-yard line," defensive end Ray Edwards said when asked about it. "Everyone knows he's something special. It definitely was a great run. I keep seeing it everyone on TV. It was fun to watch.
"He's a freak," center John Sullivan said. "It's being played on SportsCenter on a loop today. It should be because it's a pretty impressive play."
Asked about the reaction on the sideline after the play, Longwell said: "We were all kind of running out for the extra point. We were all kind of giggling to each other. We weren’t there when he came to the sideline but even the referees were laughing at it because when you see something phenomenal like that everybody takes notice and so we were all definitely entertained as we were getting ready to kick the extra point.”
Sidney Rice said the run reminded him of Peterson's new Nike commercial in which he executes a series of jaw-dropping moves.
"I told him after the game, I was like, ‘You relived your Nike commercial,’" Rice said. "That’s exactly what I told him because he was just out there doing some amazing stuff. It’s not only our job to catch the ball but it’s also our job to block defenders and give him an opportunity to make big plays for this team. It was an amazing run. After he passed me on the first level and I got back down field right behind him and I saw him grab the guy by the head and just throw him out of bounds. I’m turning back on the block to push the guy out of the way and I knew it was over then because he was 3 yards in front of everybody and it’s going to be real hard to catch him if he’s 1-yard ahead.”
Peterson said he's received some suggestions from friends about what to name his stiff-arm shove.
"I got a couple of text messages [suggesting] 'Move out of my way' and some other stuff I don't want to say on camera," he said, smiling.
Peterson said the touchdown run probably was the best of his career.
"It's right up there," he said. "As far as effort-wise, it's got to be at the top. As far as guys contributing to making a big play happen, that definitely tops it."

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