Adrian Peterson took part in a new online reality show called "Double Take" recently and he did some interviews to accompany his appearance.'s  Kevin Seifert provided a link to a transcript of an interview Peterson did with Doug Farrar of In the interview, Peterson reportedly referred to the NFL as "modern-day slavery" and that players are getting "robbed."

This was in reference to questions about the NFL lockout. Peterson conducted the interview soon after the players union decertified last week.

Here is another link about the interview from PFT.

UPDATE: The "modern day slavery" quote is no longer in Farrar's piece. Farrar wrote on his twitter account that he removed that quote from the transcript but that Peterson said it twice in the interview.

A Vikings spokesperson said the team will have no comment. Team officials are prohibited from having any contact with players during the lockout

Peterson's agent Ben Dogra said the running back is traveling to Africa as part of a Starkey Hearing Foundation mission. Dogra provided a statemen on Peterson's behalf.

"I think anybody that knows Adrian knows that Adrian is a very strong-willed and passionate individual," Dogra said. "The game means an awful lot to him. People should not just take his statements per se word by word. It's a difficult time. He would love to play. I'm sure that everybody would love to see football continue in the NFL and I'm sure at some point it will get resolved. But Adrian, that's what makes him great. He's soft-spoken but if he has something on his mind he'll speak it. But I think nobody should really look at those words and take them out of context."

Peterson is scheduled to make $10.72 million in base salary in 2011.

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