YUM Of course there’s Pepsi-flavr Chicken Chips. In China. As Ad Age puts it:

The launch, in August, was much bigger than for any previous Lay's flavor in China, which include such unusual flavors as lemon tea (subtle), cucumber (cloying) and hot-and-sour fish soup (fishy).


This should make you want a bag or two:



In related news:

GOOD LORD Today’s Chinese Ghost Town is in Angola. ANGOLA. It’s Pruitt-Igoe with a hipped roof and nice bright paint.

As is the case with Chinese Ghost Towns, it’s shiny and new and utterly empty, but since no doubt it’s built to those exacting Angolese building codes, it’ll stand for centuries.

APPS Now that Facebook has Instagram, and will possibly ruin it, what’s left? Flickr! It’s like Yahoo bumping out Google as your destination search engine . . . even more since Yahoo owns Flickr, and has earned the ire from old fans who were displayed by the wayYahoo let Flickr languish. Well, listen to this to this review:


It’s called the first good Instagram competitor out there. Says the review:

EVEN BETTER. Tap tap = fave. Yep, Instagram gave us the first big fave inflation tool by allowing us to tap tap fave our way through life and Flickr now has adopted that protocol allowing you to tap tap fave photos by all your favorite photographers.

 What does this mean? It means that all of a sudden you are going to start noticing a ton more faves on your Flickr photos. Every time your friends have 10 minutes in line at the bakery they are going to be all up in your Flickrstream faving things like crazy.

If indeed it brings on a new era of faving like crazy, so be it. I just want to see Flickr look different, because it’s as dull a thing as you’ll find on the web. Even the home page admits as much, pushing the app instead of the site - and suggesting that Flickr’s app provides the world with a whole new way to experience strangers’ foot-selfies.

RETRO The Golden Globes gave the cold shoudler to Mad Men, but that’s okay. Now you can ”search the web Mad Men Style.”

What does that mean? Go right here to find out.

Off to finish a column; see you around.