Even as Gov. Tim Pawlenty prepares for another foray into Iowa, his 2012 presidential prospects aren't looking that hot in New Hampshire, the other crucial opening-round state in the race.

A new poll conducted by Public Policy Polling shows him attracting just 3 percent of support of New Hampshire Republicans. Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney leads the field with 31 percent, followed by Newt Gingrich, Ron Paul, Mike HUckabee and Sarah Palin. The full results of the Democrat-leaning polling firm can be seen here.

No, Pawlenty has steadfastly refused to say whether he's actually going to mount a presidential run, but his polling numbers have been consistently dismal. And, adding insult to injury, Public Policy Polling reports that he's still not much of a presence in the GOP field of likely candidates:

We get a lot of e-mail asking us to include Tim Pawlenty in all of our 2012 Presidential polling but his numbers here are a reminder of why we aren't- yet. Pawlenty was at 3% in our New Hampshire polling in April and he's still there. He's getting a lot of attention in insider circles as he positions himself for a 2012 bid but it's not translating to the general public enough yet for him to make a real dent in the polls. Pawlenty still has plenty of time to become a serious player for the Republican nomination but his name recognition isn't to the point yet where we'd get much out of including him every month on our national 2012 poll testing match ups against Obama.

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