As he campaigned for president in Florida former Gov. Tim Pawlenty had a sit-down interview with the Miami Herald and shared his one word description of President Obama (but a description not rival Mitt Romney) and a regret he had as governor.

An excerpt:

Q: Can you describe Obama in one word?

Q: Mitt Romney?

Pawlenty: “Well, I’m not going to play the word game with the Republican opponents…  (It’s) interesting fodder for you guys, but not so interesting for me.”

Q: Name a regret in the campaign?

Pawlenty: “In one of the debates I had recently, I was asked a direct point about Massachusetts’ healthcare and I stayed focused on Obama, didn’t answer the question about Mitt’s role in healthcare in Massachusetts. That was viewed by some as a missed opportunity. I think I was. It’s something I would have done differently…. The Massachusetts healthcare plan was the blueprint or the forerunner of ObamaCare.”

Q: Name a regret as governor?

Pawlenty: “I took on the teacher unions hard. We made some big changes. But the future of my state and the future of our country in significant measure depends on getting as many of our children educated and skilled. And the teacher union stands in the way of that. I took them on hard. But as I look back on that, I should have taken it even further.”

It's worth reading the whole thing here.

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