By Pat Doyle 

Sara Taylor, a former political director for President George W. Bush, has joined a team of advisors to Gov. Tim Pawlenty as he travels the country as a possible presidential candidate.
It’s unclear what Taylor knows about the nitty gritty of election law and setting up political action committees. But she made a name for herself during the 2007 uproar over the alleged political sacking of U.S. Attorneys. At a Congressional hearing, she testified she couldn’t recall receiving phone calls or other communications about the fired prosecutors. explained that she gets a lot of phone calls and emails and, “I can’t remember what I had for breakfast last week.”
“I assume what you had for breakfast last week has not been the subject of considerable national attention,” remarked Sen. Benjamin Cardin, D-MD, drawing laughter.
At another point in her testimony, she seemed to confuse taking the oath to uphold and protect the U.S. Constitution with supporting Bush, and was scolded by Sen. Patrick Leahy, D-VT.

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