I'm a fan of snow, especially when I'm not watching it pile up on the freeway in front of me. Bring on fresh piles of white from December into March, but by April I'm questioning whether my yard will ever green up again. A year ago ice was coming off metro lakes. Six years ago some trees and shrubs were already in full bloom. Yes, a Minnesota March is a fickle beast.

Yesterday, in an act of seasonal defiance, I picked up a couple of chaise lounges and a new Twins baseball cap at the neighborhood Costco. Take that, Old Man Winter!

Eight inches of snow fell at Sanborn, Minn., Friday night, but most of that will be gone within a couple of days. Expect some sun today with mid-40s; pretty close to average. One minor fly in the weather ointment: Precipitation Monday may start as an icy mix before changing over to rain showers. A sun angle similar to mid-September keeps most roads wet, even on a cloudy day. Models hint at a slushy mix Sunday; again on Tuesday, but the atmosphere finally mellows by mid-April, with consistent 50s, even a hint of green.