If you’re not just a little bit paranoid, it might mean you’re not paying attention. Really smart computers and robotics are already disrupting entire industries. Many white-collar jobs in law and finance will be replaced by artificial intelligence — supercomputers that don’t take vacations or ask for raises. Which got me wondering: Are meteorologists safe? I’d like to think so, but I’m not so sure.

Will Alexa or Siri someday provide context, perspective and analysis — with a different weather forecast and narrative for every consumer and business? Can we — should we — engineer humans out of weather storytelling? The only predictable thing about the future is change. Many of us will be changing careers, some against our will.

A few showers and T-storms slosh back into town later today and Thursday, the wettest day of the week. NAM guidance prints out about a third of an inch. The weekend looks respectable: upper 70s with sunshine. Too cool for the lake? Sorry, I’m just the messenger. If you crave heat and humidity you’ll enjoy sticky 80s, shaping up for late August.