We all have pet peeves, and meteorologists are no exception. Here are a few of my favorites. "You weather forecasters are never right!" We do get the forecast wrong, especially the seven-day, but the tomorrow forecast is 88 percent accurate. You just tend to remember the 12 percent of the time we blow it.

"Why do the forecasts change — and why is there such a big difference between forecasters?" The forecast changes as better data arrives; there are four major new model runs every day. I'm free to interpret the data and models differently from my competitor across the street. We have the freedom to disagree with the official NWS forecast — or other meteorologists. There, I feel better.

Yesterday was a balm, a subtle reminder that spring is coming. We cool off today with flurries in the air. Friday starts out near 0, but another thaw arrives this weekend — and a more moderate, Pacific wind flow dominates our weather into early March. No more lengthy arctic outbreaks shaping up. Snow? A light, slushy accumulation is possible on Monday.