Sign on Nov. 29


If you've gone past the Gold Medal Park sign recently, you've probably noticed that it's missing something.

The "O" is not there. It's the fourth time a letter has gone missing, said Kate Sherburn, an attorney for the Park Development Foundation that is responsible for the sign.

"It’s quite amazing," Sherburn said, of the nabbing, "Those things are quite anchored down."

David Tinjum from the Mill City Times noticed that the "O" was missing in late October.

From his post: "Last week I came across a picture on Flickr showing the O missing from the Gold Medal Park sign, went out to our balcony to check and it was already replaced. Last night I noticed a police car parked on the sidewalk, and the O was missing agian. This past July 4 the D went missing from the sign. Is this the work of scrappers?"

The "O" that was stolen has been recovered, Sherburn said, though when asked where it was found, Sherburn said she wasn't sure. It takes a while for a letter to be repaired, she said.

"It’s not like you can go to Home Depot to get an O," she quipped.

The "O" should be back up soon, she said.

The sign is nearby the I-35W Remembrance Garden, which has also had letters stolen from its memorial earlier this year.