Trend forecasters and color experts at Pantone have selected Living Coral, a "life-affirming" and "nurturing" shade, as 2019's color of the year.

"With everything that's going on today, we're looking for those humanizing qualities because we're seeing online life dehumanizing a lot of things," said Laurie Pressman, the Pantone Color Institute's vice president. "We're looking toward those colors that bring nourishment and the comfort and familiarity that make us feel good."

Since 2000, Pantone has been analyzing cultural trends in order to predict what color will be ubiquitous in the art, fashion and design worlds in the coming year. More recently, the company has hinted that it's hoping to influence society, too.

Pressman described the 2019 color as providing a sense of "emotional nourishment."

"It's a big hug," she said.

Associated Press and Washington Post