Q Which channels can I get with an antenna?

A PBS (KTCA, Ch. 2 and KTCI, Ch. 13 and four subchannels or additional channels with alternate programming), CBS (WCCO, Ch. 4), ABC (KSTP, Ch. 5 and one subchannel), Fox (KMSP, Ch. 9), NBC (KARE, Ch. 11 and one subchannel), CW (WUCW, Ch. 23 and two subchannels) and Channel 45 KSTC-45 and one subchannel, plus several Christian stations. No cable channels are available. For channel listings, go to www.rabbitears.info/market.php.

Q I want my MTV. Can I get one or two favorite cable channels?

A No. MTV, ESPN, Discovery and other channels sold in cable and satellite packages cannot be purchased a la carte. With a broadband connection you can get some programming via Internet TV such as Hulu or Netflix. Very little of such programming is "live." You can't watch it at its original air time.

Q What is multi-casting?

A It allows local stations such as KARE, Ch. 11 to offer additional channels in its bandwidth. For example, antenna viewers get Channel 11 (KARE) and Channel 11.1 (KARE 11 weather plus). Some metro areas in other parts of the country have been broadcasting NCAA basketball games on the subchannels.

Q What about Internet TV?

A It offers many more choices than over-the-air listings, but it doesn't come close to beating cable yet. In one study, five Boston families had cable taken away for a week, and replaced it with a connected TV device such as Apple TV, Google TV, Roku, Boxee Box and Xbox 360. By the end of the week, all of the families wanted cable back. To see their comments, go to www.startribune.com/a252.