This photo has all the makings of a good song - bird dog, young lass, and a guy that likes both.


On a recent road trip, I got to thinking about hunting and fishing references in music. I’m something of a music fanatic. I listen to a wide array of genres and focus on lyrics most of the time when driving down the highway. 
It’s actually pretty rare for bird dogs, fishing lures, and flushing pheasants to be referenced in musical lyrics, especially if you throw Brad Paisley out of the mix. It’s also next to impossible to find hunting & fishing not referenced in a metaphorical way to chasing young lasses. Anyway, those observations aside, here’s my top ten countdown for the topic.  
Top 10 Songs Featuring a Hunting or Fishing Reference
10. Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy by Big & Rich: Gigging frogs and old bird dogs allow this way over-played song to break into the top 10.
9. All He Wants to do is Fish by The Replacements: Minneapolis grunge pioneers showing off their Midwestern outdoors roots. If they spent more time fishing, I will dare say more of them would still be alive. Great tunes though.
8. Ashes of San Miquel by Roger Clyne & the Peacemakers: This song squeaks into the list because it’s by my favorite band. Don’t let that stop you from giving it a listen. You’ll hear a sentimental tune about a dead hunting buddy and a return visit to a favorite hunting spot . . . sort of.
7. Old Bird Dog by Rhett Akin: It’s a new song that Kenny Chesney and Crossin Dixon have also recorded, but Rhett cracks the trio to win this spot in my countdown.
6. Mud on the Tires by Brad Paisley: Moonlight on a duck blind, catfish on a trot line. The only thing that hurts this song is Brad’s new truck isn’t a Ford.
5. Famous in a Small Town by Miranda Lambert: She just got the first buck of the season . . . wish my name was “Buck.”
4. I’m Still a Guy by Brad Paisley: A fantastic theme song for any hunter or angler. 
3. I’m Gonna Miss Her by Brad Paisley: A guy courageously admits to choosing fishing over women. 
2. All Summer Long by Kid Rock: Walleyes from the dock in Lake Michigan. I heard this song during the summer of 2008 and thought it was about my childhood growing up fishing on Lake Michigan . . . again, sort of.  
1. Fishin’ in the Dark by Nitty Gritty Dirt Band: It’s probably a predictable choice, but give it a listen with a fresh ear. This song is a classic.
Honorable Mention: Keep Fishin’ by Weezer: The only thing about this song having to do with fishing is the title, but I felt compelled to mention another one of my favorite bands in this category, so help me welcome Rivers and the boys of Weezer.
Comic Song Entry:Second Week of Deer Camp by Da Yoopers: The signature song from my Yooper brethren. It’s a hunting season staple in the St.Pierre cd case. 
I’m certain that I’ve failed to list a few of your favorites, so drop a comment below with the song title and artist I’m missing.

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