Twin Cities band member Reed Grimm saw his "American Idol" dream come to an end Thursday night in Los Angles in the final minutes of the two-hour cut-down on live television to the final 13 contestants.

Failing to win enough votes to be one of 10 finalists chosen by viewers, Grimm was among six granted a second chance to be one of the judges' three "wild card" selections.

Grimm sang Bill Withers' "Use Me," alternating touches of soul, blues and rap. But it didn't do the trick, and he was the last contestant ousted Thursday night.

The 26-year-old from Ellsworth, Wis., took it well and kept a smile on his face for the FOX-TV audience, leaving the Upper Midwest without a dog in the hunt for newfound stardom.

Missing out on the talent show's shift this week to live telecasts was North Mankato teenager Shelby Tweten. She was eliminated last week.

The finalists will return Wednesday for the first round of season 11's finals. The male singers will perform Stevie Wonder songs, while the female contestants will pay tribute to the late Whitney Houston, who died last month.