The season announcement prompted chatter on startribune.com:

Name me one high school that has not done "Charley's Aunt." Name me one middle school.

Well, the Rapp, McPherson and Margulies plays should be interesting. But "Hay Fever" and "The Sunshine Boys"? And, my God, that awful James Baldwin work is going to play to empty houses in the thrust theater. Remember when Faulkner's "Requiem for a Nun" bombed so badly they cut the run, back in the 1980s? I foresee more of the same.

Some very good offerings, a few mediocre ones. But overall better than what is offered on stage in town. Real art for real people; no shame in offering a few overdone choices.

Whatever happened to the notion of challenging an audience? All of that space and all of that time and they come up with one play that doesn't focus on the white, Western experience? Really?

Fourteen plays, all male playwrights. Really?

I saw "End of the Rainbow" in London and liked it enough that I will see it again.