About 100 Plymouth-area students who were being targeted to leave Basswood Elementary in Maple Grove seem to be staying put for now.

Osseo school officials are now recommending to move most students who reside outside Basswood's current attendance boundary to nearby Oak View Elementary. Next year's fifth and sixth graders who have open enrolled into Basswood would be allowed to stay if they want.

Administrators had initially proposed that 109 students from the district's southwest corner be moved to Oak View where there is more building capacity.

Parents who live in Census Area 284 have complained that it wasn't fair for families who live in Basswood's attendance zone to be moved while the district allows students who live outside the school's attendance zone to remain at the popular elementary. They launched an online petition that gathered more than 700 signatures of people protesting the original plan.

School officials said Tuesday that research showed that many of the students who open enroll into Basswood now come from either the Oak View or Cedar Island attendance zones. Of the 121 students who open enroll into Basswood, 51 live in those areas.

"It was really that data that compelled me to revise this recommendation," said Superintendent Kate Maguire.

It will be up to school board members to decide who ultimately stays and who leaves Basswood when they meet on Jan. 28.

At that meeting, board members will also consider making realigning the grades at Cedar Island, Fair Oaks and Oak View. Under the current proposal, each school would begin serving pre-kindergarten through either fifth or sixth grades beginning in the 2015-2016 school year.

The district will be hosting two meetings on Thursday for parents of students currently enrolled at Basswood Elementary who could be impacted by the revised proposal.

You can learn more about the revised plan, by viewing the video taken during the board's work session Tuesday.

Osseo Superintendent Kate Maguire

Osseo Superintendent Kate Maguire