The battle over Minnesota's election system has made it to the airwaves.

Our Vote Our Future, the coalition of groups that opposes the proposed photo ID constitutional amendment, said it has begun running a 30-second TV spot featuring Joan Growe. She is a Democrat who served as Minnesota's Secretary of State from 1975 to 1999.

Growe says in the spot that Minnesota "has one of the nation's fairest election systems," and that the amendment would be "too costly and too complicated." Growe refers to it as the "voter restriction amendment" and says it "would keep thousands of Minnesotans from voting."

The ad began running in the Twin Cities this week, said a spokeswoman for the organization. Minnesotans will vote Nov. 6 on a proposed constitutional amendment that would require photo ID for voting, set up a new system of two-step provisional voting, and require "substantially equivalent" eligibility and identity verification for all voters.

The anti photo ID ad can be viewed at:

About two weeks ago, another anti-photo ID group, Alliance for a Better Minnesota, began running an ad on Twin Cities cable television stations.  It criticizes the photo ID proposal for the costs it will impose on government and for the effects on overseas military voting.


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