Andy Brehm
January 10
Minneapolis Federal Reserve President Neel Kashkari and Justice Alan Page are calling on Minnesotans to pass a constitutional amendment aimed at closi

If constitutional amendment would bring on school vouchers — how soon can we pass it?

Why can't teachers union see that this constitutional amendment would help?
David Brooks
January 10

Trump's detractors end up looking stupid, too. Case in point: Iran.

One almost couldn't tell that the role of militias in the Mideast is a complex policy problem.
January 10
A proposed amendment to Minnesota’s Constitution would emphasize children’s “right to a quality public education,” rather than the current lan

Readers Write: Constitutional amendment, welcoming refugees, environmental protection, Line 3, news bias

Proponents of the education amendment think lawsuits will help ensure a quality education. Not so.
January 10

Beware: Your car's technology is watching you

And vehicle computers not only tempt scoundrels, they entice the police.
Alex Bartolic
January 10

Counterpoint: 'Chaotic Care' series doesn't tell whole story of services for the disabled

Minnesota has made a lot of progress. Here are examples.
Matt Welch
January 10
The U.S. Capitol building in Washington, D.C.

Conservatives are hot to suppress pornography

But the move is about more than adult films. They're using this to steer the GOP away from its commitments to individual liberty.
Diana Wagman
January 10
We often don’t think about how much we use — and rely on — the internet. By being forced into quitting cold turkey, this writer discovered how t

Think you're not addicted to the internet?

Try turning off your computer and your phone for a week and observe as the anxiety spikes and claustrophobia sets in.
John Welsh
January 10
Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren campaigning in Iowa. During an event in a middle-school gymnasium, one woman’s question to the ca

Meet the candidates, next door in Iowa

The campaign leading up to the caucuses may be the best chance for Minnesotans to see the would-be presidents close up, in unscripted settings.
Noah Bookbinder
January 10
In this Jan. 7, 1999, image from video, House Judiciary Committee Chairman Rep. Henry Hyde, R-Ill., read the articles of impeachment against President

Senate has conducted 15 impeachment trials, and heard witnesses in every one

In several instances, it even called new witnesses.
Steve Sack
January 9
Sack cartoon: Beltrami County

Sack cartoon: Beltrami County

Thomas Smith
January 9
A school does an active-shooter drill in 2013. Today, classrooms in California are being outfitted with port-a-potties for use during lockdowns.

The latest school lockdown technology leaves little hope

My classroom just received a port-a-potty for active-shooter situations, and it makes the country's mind-set clear.
Myisha Holley
January 9
Charter school students held signs as they joined leaders of the quality choice school movement in 2011.

Counterpoint: My kids are 'actual students' and charter schools serve them best

We all have a lot of work to do to make our education system better. But working against each other helps no one.
January 9
Minneapolis Federal Reserve President Neel Kashkari, left, and former Minnesota Supreme Court Justice Alan Page are proposing a constitutional amendme

Readers Write: Proposed constitutional amendment, refugee resettlement, news bias, Enbridge Line 3 pipeline

What would the proposed education amendment actually accomplish?
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